What would it be like to never leave your house? What would it be like, that no matter how afraid you became, you just couldn't leave the house?  Can you imagine?  Sidnie Jensen can.  And strange things have started happening to Sidnie, but she isn't sure if they are real.  Nothing seems real to her anymore.  And unknown to her, millions of people are watching her every move.  Millions of voyeurs are online, helping decide events in her life, and watching how she reacts, with fear, frustration, and confusion.  Her life, is a WEBCAST, but she has no idea.  She thinks she is going Crazy.  WEBCAST is a psychological thriller that will have you wondering......Who's watching YOU!?

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HAPPY has been invited to screen at The 1 Reel Film Festival which is part of Bumbershoot, Seattle's Music and Arts Festival that annually draws over 150,000 people to the grounds of the Seattle Center and is one of the nation's best-attended short format festivals in the US, drawing over 20,000 filmgoers, filmmakers and industry members each year. Screening will be August 29, 2008 with the time to be determined.